Guide to Buying Canoes and Kayaks

Are you that type of a person who loves riding on water and exploring nature without engine noise? If so, then it will be a memorable and lovely experience if you try canoeing and kayaking. Apart from being an entertaining sport, it’s a great way to work out and meet new people sharing the same passion ( . For a long time, Canoes and kayaks have been in use by a lot of people. You will have a variety of choice to select from when you want to buy a canoe or kayak. For this reason, it is better to have sufficient knowledge before making any purchase. The following should be considered when buying your canoe or kayak.


Canoes have been in existence for a long time and initially, the canoe was made of driftwood. Recent creation has seen canoes being made from plywood, polyethylene, aluminum, and other different materials. Though still, a few manufacturers use the same original material. In addition, there are some manufacturers who combine wood with various materials to make canoes. But canoes made of pure wood tend to be heavy and require a lot of maintenance.


When it comes to size and use, Kayaks are not far different from canoes. The difference arises only on the seating position, direction and the number of plates on the paddles ( . Kayaks are made from Kevlar, neoprene, aluminum, and polythene. These materials are considered to be light, solid and long-lasting. They are used almost under the same conditions. For individuals who have limited storage space in their yard, they can buy the inflatable ones.

The best option

The kind of experience you want will determine the type of craft to buy. Canoes are the right option when you want to ride with friends and family, though they are a bit slower ( . Kayaks are the best when you looking for a thrill seeker and want to experience extreme moments. They are designed specifically for high-speed navigation, waterfalls and ocean conditions.